No Confidence

Three Steps You Can Take

Here are THREE STEPS to take to underscore that you have NO CONFIDENCE in the leadership of UVM President Suresh Garimella:

1. Get us beyond 3k signatures on the petition by signing and sharing it (or sharing again) on social media, with email contacts, on list serves like Vermont’s Front Porch Forum, and in your programs, classes, organizations, and clubs. Students, ask if you can have a few minutes to introduce the petition in your classes.

2. Talk to programs, groups, and organizations about passing and publicizing a no confidence resolution or letter of protest. See the linked sample resolutions from the UVM English and Sociology departments and Burlington City Council.

3. Educate your colleagues, classmates, and neighbors about the manufactured budget deficit that’s driving dollars out of UVM education and into executives’ pockets by sharing our infographics, linked in the point above, this editorial on the budget “crisis”, and the below animated video: