The fight for the future of the University of Vermont

Paul Fleckenstein reports on the struggle to oppose the budget cuts and restructuring at the University of Vermont.

The University of Vermont (UVM) College of Arts and Sciences released a plan for deep budget cuts in late November. The plan is to eliminate 12 undergraduate major programs, 11 undergraduate minor programs, 4 graduate programs, and several departments, claiming that there is no other way to balance the budget. Undergraduate programs pegged for elimination include Asian studies, Latin American and Caribbean studies, Geology, German, Greek, Italian studies, Latin, Classical Civilization, and Religion. Independent fine and performing arts and languages departments face downsizing and consolidation into a School of the Arts and a School of Languages, and the Geology, Religion, and Classics departments face closure altogether.

Soon after the announcement, UVM severed contracts with three long-term faculty: Stephen Wright, a Geology lecturer for 28 years, James Williamson, a 31-year English faculty member, and Charlie Briggs, an award-winning History lecturer.

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