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Public Petition to Restore Jobs and Funding to the Liberal Arts at the University of Vermont

This public petition is for students, alums, parents, community members, or other supporters of liberal arts education at UVM and beyond. You can sign the petition HERE. If you are faculty, staff, or a graduate student worker at UVM, also read and sign our Open Letter to the University of Vermont trustees.


Public Petition to Restore Jobs and Funding to the Liberal Arts at the University of Vermont


We, the undersigned, oppose the recently announced proposal to make drastic cuts to the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) at the University of Vermont. This plan, which was devised without consultation of the faculty, would close the departments of Classics, Geology, and Religion; end 12 majors, 11 minors, and 4 master’s degrees; and terminate three long-standing Senior Lecturers who are highly valued teachers, scholars, and colleagues. 


While the projected savings are approximately $600,000, the stated justification for these cuts is an $8.4 million “structural deficit” in the college. There are two problems here. First, this is a manufactured deficit. CAS has generated more revenue than expenses every year between 2016 and 2020. But the central administration scoops millions out of this revenue, creating the false appearance that the college is operating in the red. Specifically, in the past five years CAS contributed $88 million in net undergraduate tuition to the provost’s “subvention fund” but received back only $54 million to fund its departments and programs. CAS is thus saddled with a so-called structural deficit while $34 million of its subvention fund contribution is directed elsewhere.


Second, this manufactured deficit is driven not by financial exigency but by misguided priorities. At the end of 2020 UVM’s net position increased by $24 million, its $34 million “rainy day” fund remained untouched, and its endowment was valued at more than $500 million. Pandemic costs were more than offset by $87 million in government appropriations, including $45 million in federal COVID CARES funds. It is in this context of financial health that the UVM administration aims to terminate faculty, staff, and programs. While pursuing these cuts to education, they have handed the head basketball coach a bonus of $235,000 (on top of a $334,000 salary) and in the past sixteen months have paid themselves additional compensation and bonuses to the tune of $1.1 million.


The severity of these unnecessary cuts signals more reductions and closures to come. And the implications go beyond Vermont, as higher education faces not only the challenges of the pandemic and associated economic crises but also opportunistic administrations pursuing reorganization plans that will diminish educational access and opportunity for middle-class and working-class students while jeopardizing the positions of faculty and staff. We demand that the administration change course: rather than undermining the university’s core educational mission at great human cost, every effort should be made to redistribute resources in order to retain and support the faculty and staff who ensure the quality of education at the University of Vermont.


Nancy Welch Professor of English, University of Vermont

Meaghan Emery University of Vermont

Val Rohy UVM

Clara Martorano Student The direction that UVM is heading currently cannot be an option. As an institution of higher education, UVM must value education, students, staff, and faculty in order to uphold it’s duty to humanity. I implore the administration to reconsider the cuts and de-valuing of the liberal arts and ensure that our education is saved.”

Helen Scott UVM faculty The liberal arts are crucial to UVM’s educational mission, and must be defended against these unnecessary and destructive attacks”

Brad Bauerly Political Science Faculty

Lori Roberts OBGYN – College of Medicine I worked in CAS / Psychological Science for nearly 10 years. I am tremendously discouraged that CAS is choosing to make these cuts rather than forego raises for administration (let alone reducing salaries for those making over $150,000). This goes against everything I believe about UVM “Our Common Ground” and I am vehemently against it.”

Hannah Malcomson UVM Alum

Betsy Stern Becker Alumna Class of 1964


Maureen P. Hall Professor of Education, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

Ashley Smith National Writers Union Chop from the top!

Vassiki Chauhan Graduate Student

Deborah Mutnick Long Island University Brooklyn I fully support the demands of the UVM faculty and graduate students to restore the liberal arts funding in order to ensure high quality education in the humanities, social sciences, and sciences needed now more than ever.”

Peter Ikeler SUNY Old Westbury

Robert Henry Boody Student Y’all are firing one of my favorite profs but pay the administrators six figures. There is no way in hell that any number of these highly trained, intelligent profs couldn’t fulfill management roles better than the parasitical administrators. We do not need Suresh or any of the others. I demand that UVM reorganize for the purpose of benefiting the Burlington community, students, and workers rather than the administration. All power to the people”. 


Prof. Charles Post Borough of Manhattan CC and Graduate Center-CUNY

Mia Umali Student

Jeanne L. Shea University of Vermont

Annaliese Holden UVM student I do not support the cuts taking place at UVM as a student       and tuition payer”.

Mary Ann Cain Purdue Fort Wayne


Melissa McCole Alum (class of 2017)


Teresa Mares UVM Faculty


John Howe Alumni


Grace Stanford Alumni Thank you for organizing this, I am an alumni of the Religion department and am appalled at the proposed cuts”.


Cobalt Tolbert Student


Mel Bienenfeld Retired college professor


Alisia Cabral None

Rebecca Murphy UVM Alum “Save UVM’s academics! These are crucial offerings for creating well-rounded people and are unnecessary cuts from UVM”.

Julie Gundersen Previous employee Chop from the top! “

KYLE CAMPBELL Fordham University, UVM Alumni

Raphael Rosenthal UVM Student


Emma Burns UVM Freshman


Andrew Jacome Friend of alumna, and Religious studies major myself”

Angeline Chiu University of Vermont


Stephen Cramer Senior Lecturer


Jonathan Godbout Alumni

Eliza Fehrs Student


Lilly Young Student at UVM


Amanda Calder AFSCME Local 1674 My parents, sister, brother-in-law, and aunt all graduated from UVM.  My grandfather worked in facilities and my brother-in-law worked in a UVM lab.  I am friends, coworkers, and neighbors with many UVM students, alumni, faculty.  Cuts to these programs are wrong.  UVM is not and should not become a corporate-driven school acting like it’s a for-profit business and pitting departments against each other for how much revenue they generate.  We need all of the departments you’re planning to cut.  Our community and state need them and the students and faculty need them.  How dare you?  Please reverse course and cancel these cuts.  Try cutting from the top.  Try considering that the university as a whole should support an important  breadth of academic programs—not just focus on a few.  Don’t lie and say there is no alternative.  We know better.  Thank you”.

Eric Ruder Chicago


Natalya Hebert UVM Student


Isabelle University of Vermont


Rachel Sherman The New School, Sociology


Mark Krenning Alumnus; B.A. in philosophy, 2017

Sean A. Witters UVM English


Daniel Felde Undergraduate student


Steph Ceraso Associate Professor and UVA alumna

Ellie Uvm cas student Uvm should put students, teachers and education before corporate profit”


Heather Riemer AFT Vermont UVM should be our University and run for students, not outrageous executive salaries.”

David Martinson State of Vermont Retiree Do the right thing for the students.”

Aileen Eagleton Dartmouth College

Lesley McCaffrey Parent of a Student Liberal Arts French Student (class of 2025)

Katherine Merrill UVM Faculty

Daniel Munteanu University of Vermont, Dept. of Biology

Dorothy Dye Student


Kathleen Scollins University of Vermont

Laura Y. Liu Associate Professor of Global Studies & Geography, The New School “Solidarity!!”

Jonathan Besett Alumnus

Emily Friend of an Alum

Laurie Essig Middlebury College AAUP “We need the humanities more than ever to teach Americans how to think.”


Ryan A Doyle student Our university is going to shit…or maybe it already was?”

Giovanna Vermont resident

Matthew Cecere Bachelor of Arts, UVM Class of 2018, Classical Civilization “Recent events in the country are proving we need liberal arts and critical thinking now more than other.“

Philip Gasper Professor Emeritus, Notre Dame de Namur University

Brianna Previous student at UVM “Arts and cultural programs are essential for creating a better world for both ourselves and future generations”.

Erica Andrus UVM

Sophie Aronson Student

Stephen Indrisano UVM Alum “As a graduate from UVM’s Theater program, and as a graduate of UVM’s Honors College, I am saddened and angered by the administration’s response. I actively tell enquiring prospective students to avoid the school, because the education I loved is being actively stripped away. Shame on you.”

Glynnis Fawkes Center for Cartoon Studies “Please take action and reverse these cuts!”

Todd Edward Bak Supporter

Phoenix Crockett Employee

Dalia Student

Jackie Lemieux Student

Katherine Brennan UVM Student

William Keach Brown University

William Wells VSEA

Melissa Morison Concerned Citizen “There is an equity problem here.  Why should only the students of Ivy League and other elite institutions have access to these fields of study?”

Chris Gish Student at UVM

David Oppenheimer Alumni, Vermont Resident “Don’t gut critical thinking when we need it most.”

Brendan Dempsey Alumnus in both Classics and Religious Studies

Danielle  Warner Native Vermonter

Duckie Pelenur dean falls is a terrible decision maker”

John Franklin UVM Stop the Stultitia!”

Kirstin Minton Alumni

Sara Moore Alumni

David Van Deusen President of the Vermont AFL-CIO No cuts at UVM!


Dan Brush Concerned Vermonter “Manufactured crisis by the administration, “The Gods of the Hills are NOT the Gods of the Valley’s” such a disgrace !”


Joel Colf Community Member

Anastasia McNeil Student

Jesse Kuter

Lucy Chugh Sibling attends UVM

David Williamson Southern Vermont College (Closed) There are really no academic jobs left in Vermont, and with COVID that has gotten even worse. As it stands now, my family and I are planning to leave the state.”

Chloe Mañus University of Maryland, College Park

Schuyler Rowan UVM Student

Brittany Rhoads Local 3977 President


Jeannette Chien student at UVM

Ben Fischer UVM Student “Please don’t cut UVM liberal arts. Cut money from sports instead.”

Sandrine Dincki CVOEO “We need liberal arts more than ever with the rising levels of ignorance we’re witnessing.”

Julia Ambrose Viazmenski Born in VT and raised in Burlington, I am the daughter of three faculty members and the sister of an alumna. The proposed cuts are a brutal slap in the face to faculty who have dedicated their entire lives to the best educational interests of the University of Vermont and its students. The savings achieved pale in comparison to the irreparable enormous damage inflicted on UVM’s educational offerings.”

Julia Kahn Friend of students

Liz Curry Alumni,Class of1985 UVM Admin amd Board have become corporate foxes guarding the hen house”

Machara R UVM Class 2023

Jack Nop CalArts

James Coppa UVM student

Duckie Pelenur “dean falls is a terrible decision maker”

Jesse Kuter

Zachary LaPlume Student and friend “I want the liberal arts department to be funded so that people have the opportunity to learn about the things that are relevant to us as people, as humans. The classics, theology, language, anthropology, history, etc. these things that help us think about our place in the world and how we view others. I want it back so it can help the university fulfill its promises as a liberal arts or a “public ivy” institution where people can come from any walk of life you can imagine and still have a purpose studying here. The school isn’t just about stem, and as a CEMS student, while I understand the demand for funding as science changes and our need for new tools increases, I also understand that the administration could look at a few other places first before cutting humanities. Firing professors and student advisors, shutting down entire majors and departments because of “low application rates” is kind of doing more harm than good and ignoring the real issue. Maybe the school could start advertising these majors, maybe they could cut the insanely large budgets of sports coaches, maybe they could cut administrative salaries. I understand the importance of administrators and sports for a university, but you shouldn’t kill a tree that won’t fruit because you refuse to look after it.

Lucie Novelline Student, class of 2023 The recently announced program cuts, along with the termination of several long time faculty members is disgusting behavior from uvm. Even in financially tough times, academic programs and faculty should be the most protected, not the administration. Without religion, classics, languages, global studies, geology, and other CAS programs, uvm cannot claim to be a top public liberal arts university.”

Cheryl Van Deusen parent

Karli Student “Removing programs from schools due to funding only brings down your credibility and accreditation.

Ansley Kish Student

Kipper Student UVM cannot give large bonuses to coaches whilst simultaneously firing lecturers and carving up the humanities majors.

Margaret Palombo Student

Kienan D. Christianson Attorney

Madison Storm UVM undergraduate student

Dr. Rebecca A Sears Washington University in Saint Louis

Caitlin Mello Alumni

Barbara Saylor Rodgers Emeriti faculty from Department Emeriti Faculty (per UVM directory) Eliminating departments and programs will result in a decrease of revenue from CAS, possibly not offsetting the decrease in cost. Whence, therefore, the source of cash to be raked off for other units? I and others would love to see the financial justification and projections for this.”

Omar Fernández AFL-CIO “This is exactly the same play they have been trying on the Postal Service. It is due time that the power of the purse is taken away from these greedy admins. Why would anyone make decisions that would ONLY help themselves and not the greater good? Why would you do that?

Penelope Cray Spouse of professor

Jay Werner Parent of UVM student

Lea Terhune Student “Cut sports instead.”

Devon Kearney Such deep cuts to the humanities do a terrible disservice not only to your students but to American higher education generally.”

Al Ratigan Friend of a student in the classics department.

Taylor Nieves-Malik Alumni

Erin White UVM ‘14 How disappointing to see a university priding itself on being a Public Ivy devalue the liberal arts that present circumstances so clearly demonstrate the importance of. CAS and the liberal arts programs serve the entire university, and all students will be worse for cutting the options available to expand their minds and pursue new avenues of study.”

Adam A Lodestone Burlington resident and family of former UVM Faculty.

Natalie Werner Parent My daughter is a senior majoring in Italian Studies and Political Science and minoring in Cassics and History. She is heartbroken over this. Professors she has had so much respect for and taught her so much, brought a love of Classics into her life and ingrained in her a much deeper love of all things Italian beyond what she came here with, this has put such a dark cover over her joy of learning here. “

Abby Hanson UVM student

Jackie Lemieux student

Jake Campbell UVM Student

Maxwell Freedlund UVM Graduate, Classics Department, Class of 2015

Abby Robertson Prospective student and friend of current student

Leslie Ivings University of the North West It is vital that funding should be restored to those faculties affected at the University of Vermont. “

Joan M. White community member “There’s nothing more important than a liberal arts college and education”.

Benjamin Eldredge UVM Alumn

Kya Jackson UVM Student “Instead of fattening up the pockets of those who are already extremely well off, please listen to the students and continue to support the programs you’re thinking of cutting.”

Sierra Dube Student

Annelise Orleck UVM alum parent and Professor Dartmouth College These cuts are short sighted at best and highly destructive at worst. Sports facilities, high administrator salaries and more should be on the chopping block before faculty (especially people with years of experience), departments and programs”

Christy Thornton Johns Hopkins University “As a North Country NH native, I know that UVM is a key educational resource for residents of VT & NH alike – and the liberal arts are especially key in this moment of political upheaval. Restore these programs & jobs! “

Dr. Patricia M Corrigan Private Practice -Psychotherapy “Please hold onto and act on what I know must be your deep understanding that we need liberal arts education to have a truly educated populace.  To go forward and repair this country and world from the damage done by “educated” venal, feckless, clueless, selfish leaders and their dupes, we need people who will learn US and world history to understand how not to repeat the tragic mistakes we’ve made.  They will need to learn the true history of racism and how it still pervades and shapes our culture.  They need to study art,music and the history of religion to deepen their souls beyond the notion that profit is “god.”  Civics to understand and appreciate how democracy works, and how to defend it. Philosophy to learn to think. Psychology to learn how the mind works, is conditioned by culture, and then  how it can make new choices based on re-examined beliefs. Liberal arts education is instrumental in developing values, the kinds of values people will need to make the choices that will repair and save us.  I know big money is given for the sciences.  But if wisdom doesn’t lead how to use science, we will destroy ourselves.  You know what is right, I implore you to do it.  Thank you.”

Jason Hannan Associate Professor, Department of Rhetoric & Communications, University of Winnipeg

Tana Randall-Wolfe Vermonter

Heather Pierce Rutgers University

Liz Medina Executive Director, Vermont State Labor Council, AFL-CIO

Anna seuberling Student

Emma DeCola UVM CESS Sophomore “The budget cuts from CAS show a complete and utter disregard to the student body. every single UVM admin should be deeply ashamed by their actions and commitment to their own financial gain.”

Timothy Connor

Greg freeman Student

Bren Bennett Retired elementary school teacher

Rachel Fickes UVM Student

Danielle Bombardier Vermont AFL-CIO

Mary Burke UVM employee

Paul Fleckenstein Burlington resident, former staff in UVM College of Medicine

Kaitlyn Prairie Pedigo Alumna ’13 “Studiis et rebus honestis. These proposed cuts do not reflect an honest or responsible administration. At the most essential and clear level, by removing the infrastructure and personnel for the study of religion, world languages, and geology, you are signalling that those lines of study are no longer important to becoming a catamount. When you look closer, those decisions show a reckless disregard for the global community. Language departments that teach us to understand how other cultures communicate, Geology that was such a robust program that we learned to respect the ground that connects us all, and a Religion department comprised of the kinds of professors and classes that helped us break our world views and begin to see the world as a far more human and diverse place. With the loss of the Religion department, you are relinquishing the strongest forums for developing a grasp of complex ideas. And, finally, such drastic measures during a pandemic is opportunistic, and short-sighted. This is not a move worthy of the UVM community. I suggest those responsible simply look to the mission statement for the university, in that you will find the extent of your errors.”

Lauren Rayson Alumni “My liberal arts education at UVM is why I have been confident in starting my career, and a main reason why I’ve been successful in graduate studies. And, arguably more importantly, my liberal arts education made me a well-rounded person with an appreciation for learning about the experiences of those around me”.

Mary Burke UVM employee

Nathan Moore Alumnus “As a former student I stand against the cuts to Liberal Arts and Sciences. I also worked part time for the UVM fund to raise money for the school. It makes me ashamed and regretful to have raised money for an institution that devalues critical thinking and a well-grounded education. Funding should be maintained.”

Sally Charnow Hofstra University

Justin Coudert UVM Class of 2023 – CALS Biological Sciences major “Why does the administration think it is acceptable to eliminate the humanities department? For a school that loves to take pride in how it promotes diversity, it seems quite counterintuitive to eliminate programs which help promote different cultures. I am deeply disheartened and ashamed that UVM thinks that this is a reasonable decision.”

JENNIFER JURGELEWICZ Brother and sister attended for a couple years, Vermonter for 25+ years

Sheila Boland Chira UVM Senior Lecturer

Rory C Gawler Friend of the Liberal Arts Do what’s right

Becky Cook Self

Rebecca Hains Salem State University

Brian Alves Salem State University “Liberal Arts creates citizens and bolsters the economy.”

Imelda Reilly-Metzner High Meadows Farm, Marlboro College Alumni

Alisha Alumni

Tina Escaja UVM

Julie Roberts University of Vermont

Jennifer Sithavady Community member

Annalisa Fiore CAS student at UVM

Margaret Berger Supporter of liberal arts education at University of Vermont

Cale Erwin IUPUI

Shannon Dychton Alumni

John Fischer Retired academic.

Jana Manley Burlington resident

Ann Mindell Friend

Will carroll Prospective student, first year applicant “Liberal arts education is a historic  cultural backbone to society dating back to the first European universities. Ignoring these programs is ignoring current UVM students and prospective students alike, and is a disservice to UVM as a hub of higher education .”


Rae UVM alum (BA and MA) “I was in discussions to get a second MA…in Classics.”

Gwen Williams Alumnus “I am profoundly disappointed in UVM’s disregard for the arts evidenced by these cuts.”


Jack Kassin Student

emma parzyck student “I’m a comp sci major who benefits from money being routed away from classics and a student athlete who benefits from money being poured into the new athletic center yet i believe both of these things are despicable”.

Christa Alumni

Steve Skinner


John Franklin

Pamela Cunov Former student, and staff at UVM “Start cutting administration and retain every department and all their faculty that face being cut from UVM.  UVM was founded on the humanities that are so important to students growing into themselves building self confidence and character that they will retain for their entire lives.  UVM is making a bad decision eliminating loved faculty, departments and their courses. UVM is destroying the lives of faculty and the aspirations of students.”

Erin Varnum UVM Alum

Supriya Serchan Alumni

Olivia Tyndall

Forrest Deacon PhD Student, The New School for Social Research

Rachael Montesano Faculty

Steve McIntyre None Get your priorities in line with your community.”

KYLE CAMPBELL Fordham University

Alice Murphy Alum “I only studied engineering at your school because I thought you valued liberal arts as well – thank you to my many non-STEM professors.”

David Arndt Student This is criminal what the corrupt administration is doing.”

Galer Barnes supporter “Liberal Arts majors are essential to civil society”

Ellen Lindner Artist “The liberal arts are always discounted! But they insistently inform and inspire us. Don’t give up on them!”

Corrine M Yonce Alum

Barbara Madeloni Massachusetts Teachers Association- retired

Michael Kassin Parent

Kerry Swift Vermont

kate friend of student

Nicolas P Gross retired “A major load of Sh*t from the UVM administration.  They need to cut the number of administrators in half.

Melody Puller Supporter of liberal arts “My husband attended the UVM classics department”.

Olivia Allegra Student

Lori Drew NVU Lyndon staff employee

Nancy Kaplan UVM staff

Mark Coates none

Andrew McAvoy VSECU

Allie Nerenberg Alumna of UVM

Sandy Wynne UVM alum “Years ago UVM was thinking about a plan to eliminate the school of engineering….but push back was strong and they changed course. UVM needs to do the same again…stop the cuts now….the future will prove that was a wise decision…just like the one years ago.”

Deborah Noel Faculty and Parent of UVM Students Save the Humanities…they are the core of this flagship institution”

Jeanne Zimmerman Parent; concerned VT citizen; retired educator “We need broadly educated individuals. Liberal arts education is crucial to civil society.”

Bonnie Acker Resident of Burlington

Kathleen Schneider Emerita faculty

Sarah E Turner Faculty


Lori Roberts Research Coordinator “Having worked in the CAS Department from 2005-2014, I am appalled that the University has decided to eliminate programs in the liberal arts. These are complimentary programs and classes for non-CAS majors, and absolutely critical for students wishing to study the classics. For shame, UVM.”

Karen Starr The Liberal Arts are essential, they are not auxiliary studies. Without an understanding of their cultures and histories a nation’s people are lost.”

Mike Leonard Burlington Education Association

Kim Butterfield UVM 1971 and parent of UVM 2007 , g 2012 Geology was a favorite course. Given that Vermont is a geological treasure, it would be very sad to lose this department. Find the money in the top heavy administration or cut the unnecessary police force. “

Kate Marvin “UVM should be supporting their educators with better pay and benefits.   The college and the newly formed union should modify the pay scale/evaluation process to reward engaged professionals who strive to educate students vs. those ‘going through the motions.”

Lewis M. Holmes Independent scholar. Our citizens urgently need well-rounded education!

Kathleen Schneider Emerita Faculty

Madelyn Holmes Independent Scholar “Liberal arts education is essential for the maintenance of democracy”

Jerise Fogel Montclair State University “Humanities and Science are the backbone of any university. Support your existing programs! They are excellent and important!!”

Peter Spitzform UVM, United Academics, retired

Crystal L’Hote Saint Michael’s College “To invest in liberal education is to invest in democracy.”

Matthew LeFluer Special Olympics Vermont  “Let’ Grow. Kid’s”

Michael Sabourin Vermont Entomological Society “We can not forgo a basic education”

William L. Ellis Associate Professor of Fine Arts, Saint Michael’s College

Rosemary O’Connell UVMMC

Olivia Allegra Student

Tristin Adie VT AFL-CIO

Laura  Ziegler Vermont voter

Cassandra Major Former UVM teacher of the year & student

Audrey Oliver Alumna

Brian Collier Saint Michael’s College

Frank Smecker Alum

Elaine Ball Community supporter of justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion

Rosalie Fegan Fruend

Monica Nelson VT resident

WILLIAM Mcgrath UVM ’65

Colleen Dale Vermont state resident

Marni Rosner Vermont resident and mother of graduate “Geology Department and Foreign 

Language Departments are needed if UVM is to remain relevant”

Janice Nadworny Alumna, former employee, family member of faculty

David Schein Theater artist My Dad, Arnold Schein  taught at UVM at the Med School. Was a member of the faculty senate  He was a product of a free education at CUNY. He would be rolling over in his grave if he knew of your cuts to the College of Liberal Arts. This is a travesty”

Heidi S Holliger

Martha Waterman VFNHP

Eric Burz UVM Alumnus

Max Tracy City Council President

Donald Sargent Alumni

Victoria CHASE VT resident

Jaquelyn Rieke union supporter “Thanks for supporting the UVM staff in the process of representing themselves!”

David Vandeusen PEF-AFT retiree

Olivia Student

Elaine McCrate Associate Professor Emerita

Peter Vantine Vermont

Alex Howe Student

Anne Lawson UVM alum “As a graduate of UVM, I find it appalling that administration continues to pay its own salaries at the expense of cutting liberal arts positions and budgets. Our current crisis in this country shows the need for education that teaches critical thought and true engagement. This is the value of liberal arts. I urge the administration to change course with this decision.”

Marni Rosner Vermont resident and mother of graduate Geology Department and Foreign Language Departments are needed if UVM is to remain relevant”

Diane C Sullivan Just a Vermonter.

Curtis Browne English Department GTA

James Talbot Retired taxpayer “Keep Vermont Strong!”

Sabina Ernst UVM parent

Mary K Gade Burlington resident

Dana Morrison West Chester University of Pennsylvania

Nicole Dehne Liberal Arts Graduate “As a liberal arts graduate myself, I understand the importance of a degree that teaches you to analyze and evaluate. As a Butlington resident, I think it would impact my decision to send my kids to a college without liberal arts classes that can be taken by students pursuing different types of degrees.”

Marianna Ritchey Umass Amherst

Colleen Cronin Student

Nancy Leet Parent

Nancy Cronin parent of prospective history major student

Carol Shepherd UVM Grad/ husband retired Faculty “We both object very strongly to this decision and feel it will be harmful to the University. Actually perhaps a better thought would be to reduce the outrageous salaries ofAdministration.

Jessie Bradley 2010 UVM graduate “Liberal arts are the most important part of a college degree. It builds the foundation for a lifetime  of understanding the artistic and cultural aspects of our society and the world beyond.”

Rhiannon Maton SUNY Cortland

Cathy Wagner Miami University

Susan E Ramlo University of Akon The public attack on tenure and higher education must stop for the security and future of the USA.  Neoliberalism kills real education.”

Gina Petonito Writing Your Way, LLC “I have no university affiliation because I was also a victim of “budget cuts” and “austerity” measures.  But I stand in solidarity with the Faculty at UVM”

Amara Jaclyn Devino UVM “As a local and got my M.S. from Rubenstein. Such a disgrace. I left before the Butts in Seats budget came into place. I can see your priorities are still skewed. I shouldn’t be surprised, in my 35 years, UVM has been the rudest, most selfish neighbor, gentrifying affordable housing in the community into student housing as your student population tripled and the ratio of in-state to our-of-state students is disgusting. You are not the University of Vermont, you are the University of the Out-of-State Image of the Vermont Brand. And now this. Shameful selfish aristocrats”.

John Gregory community member

Maria J Gonzalez Miami University (Ohio)

Terrance McGrath Vermont Taxpayer

John Schaefer Miami University (Ohio)

Anore Horton Executive Director, Hunger Free Vermont “As a Vermont employer who seeks always to hire local talent, and who regularly hires new graduates, I could not be more dismayed at the shocking and foolhardy actions of UVM’s administration to destroy the quality of a Vermont liberal arts education–an education that teaches the critical thinking, research, analytical, and relational skills our employees must have to succeed.  I find the rate of compensation for UVM’s top administrators to be appalling, and the failure of the UVM Board to hold the administration accountable for the public service mission of a Land Grant institution to be disgraceful.

Grace E Reinke University of Washington, Seattle

Aaron Bagheri University of California, Santa Barbara Solidarity, comrades

Eleanor Hagopian Daughter of emeriti, sister of alumnus, community member

Travis Galileo Alumnus

Meg Tamulonis Uvm staff

Alison Tracy Hale University of Puget Sound

Kiara Alumni

Cassandra Major Former UVM teacher of the year & student

Juliana Hoernle Student “I don’t believe this university should prioritize making money. Just because STEM fields are in high financial demand that does not mean that this is what our society needs most to thrive — it needs compassionate students who are well versed in all human fields, and who can view the world from many different perspectives.”

Eden Harari UVM

Kathleen Olwell A concerned Vermonter “A robust Liberal Arts department of a State University is essential. UVM is the only University in Vermont.  I have not heard that the people of this state have voiced a wish for solely a technical college but that is what UVM is moving towards.   One of the major purposes of a University is to create CRITICAL THINKERS.  Without such courses as foreign languages (modern and ancient), Art, Music, and Religion it is impossible to teach culture, a very important subject if our students are to be able to understand other cultures and how and why they have progressed in certain ways.”

Beth Fialko Casey Vermont citizen, parent. “What purpose do you serve if not to deepen students’ understanding of what it means to be a citizen in this world?  The humanities are integral to healthy societies.  I abhor your cuts.  Who would you be if instead you leaned in and promoted the disciplines that cultivate wisdom, empathy, and beauty? “


Hayley Malloy Anthro and History Major Alumni

Izzy Siedman Alumna

Lia Beliveau Staff

Beth Mintz Emeritus Faculty

John Wagner IATSE Local 919 IATSE LOCAL 919…Union brother and friend to Patrick Orr