12 deans (with very high salaries) say UVM is on the right path

12 deans say UVM must establish its path forward

The 12 deans and their yearly salaries while riding on Gerimella’s path forward:

Cynthia Belliveau, dean, Continuing and Distance Education, $196,144
William Falls, dean, College of Arts and Sciences, $249,364
Cynthia Forehand, dean, Graduate School, $174,464
Bryn Geffert, dean, Libraries, $192,570
David Jenemann, dean, Honors College, $146,720
Nancy Mathews, dean, Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources, $210,910
Richard Page, dean, Larner College of Medicine, $607,971 (!!!)
Leslie Parise, dean, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, $275,595
Linda Schadler, dean, College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences, $266,572
Sanjay Sharma, dean, Grossman School of Business, $386,083
Scott Thomas, dean, College of Education and Social Services, $209,222
Noma Anderson, dean, College of Nursing and Health Sciences, (NA)
And our three lecturers, supposedly fired to save money:
Charlie Briggs, Senior Lecturer, $46,642
Jaime Williamson, Senior Lecturer, $67,743
Stephen Wright, lecturer, $73,027
No Confidence in President Garimella!